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New materials conform to the shape of your face


New polyurethane material intercepts pollen


3-D mesh structure based on porous filter technology

Blocks 99 % of pollen *

<filter performance>

High air permeability makes it

easy to breathe


What is porous filter technology?

Two proprietary technologies create porous polyurethane material (open microscopic holes).
These technologies enable high performance filtration.

1. Cell control technology

Controls the cells that make up the polyurethane material so that they form the ideal density and size
for trapping pollen-sized particles. In addition, using a 3-D mesh structure allows 99% of pollen to be blocked*.

2. Technology to remove polyurethane's characteristic membrane

Complete removal of membrane inhibiting air permeability (cell membrane).
This makes possible incredible air permeability not normally seen in polyurethane material.


Soft stretchy polyurethane material

Fits snugly to face, avoiding

gaps that allow pollen to slip by

Comfortable to wear for long periods of

time without hurting ears


- Fits snugly to contours of face 

- Simple and clean design


- Fits snugly without leaving space around jaw and cheers

- Loops gently around ears


- Fits snugly to contours of nose

Con be washed and reused reused repeatedly

Blocks 99 % of pollen*

even after being washed 3 times,for

excellent economy

<filter performance>

25222 เล็ก111.png

Wash by hand then dry out of direct sunlight.


Blocks  pollen

and cuts UV rays.

PITTA MASK not only blocks pollen, but effectively cuts harmful ultraviolet rays.
PITTA MASK GRAY has a UV Protection Rate of 98%* and a UPF of 50+*.
And all our color masks have a high UV Protection Rate/UPF.


UV Protection Rate: Ultraviolet ray shielding rate
UPF: Ultraviolet ray protection factor rating


* KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation


Easy to breathe in, while thoroughly guarding

against penetration of fine particles and viruses.

High performance filter with a three-layer structure


[Mouth layer] Maintains breathable shape

Resists loss of shape and creates a space around the mouth that resolves the issue of difficulty breathing.

[Intermediate layer]

N95 Special electrostatically-charged filter

equivalent to N95 standard

The N95 standard equivalent electrostatically-charged filter blocks 99%*1 of fine particles (0.0001 mm) and viruses. And its high air permeability makes it easy to breathe through. (Filter performance)

Electrostatically-charged filter comparison

[High-orientation polarization]



By creating a polarization structure that is highly-oriented in a certain direction, a strong electric field is formed which provides superior collection performance and breathability.

[Outer layer]

Deodorized, antibacterial anti-allergen processing

Silver-based antimicrobial agent processing inhibits growth of captured microbes.
(Does not necessarily inhibit growth of all bacteria.)

[Random -orientation polarization]

Conventional non-woven fabric

[How to use]


Randomly-oriented polarization results in a weaker electric field.

The arrow indicates the direction of electric polarization


* 1 Filter collection efficiency test: BFE, VFE, PFE, pollen
Mask does not completely prevent infection (penetration)

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